tea & coffee  
espresso single £1.50
double espresso £1.85
latte £2.20
cappuccino £2.20
flat white £2.40
americano £1.95
mocca £2.30
hot chocolate £2.30
selection of twinnings tea £1.50
Treat yourself to one of our super healthy smoothies, each smoothie gives you 2.5 of your 5 a day
£2.60 each  

grape escape (grape, strawberry, banana, blueberry)


melon refresher (melon, strawberry, mango)

berry go round (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry)  

pash ‘n’shoot (passion fruit, pineapple, mango)


big 5 (pineapple,apple  mango, kiwi, strawberry)

strawberry split (strawberry, banana)  



until 11am