full english breakfast  
sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, grilled tomato, black pudding & baked beans with white or brown toast £4.65
extra bacon or egg 40p each
extra sausage 70p each
bacon roll £2.25
sausage roll £2.40
sausage & bacon roll £2.80
fried egg roll (one fried egg) £1.75
sandwiches (toasted optional)  
bacon sandwich £2.35
sausage sandwich £2.55
sausage & bacon sandwich £2.85
fried egg sandwich (two fried eggs) £1.95
with jam, marmalade, honey, peanut butter or marmite £1.25
melted toasties  
swiss cheese & ham £2.35
swiss cheese & onion or tomato £2.20
hot wraps  
bacon wrap  
bacon, scrambled egg, balsamic mushrooms,grilled tomato and baby spinach (tabasco optional) £3.20
vegetarian wrap  
scrambled egg, balsamic mushrooms, grilled tomato and baby spinach (tabasco optional) £3.00
with any two toppings (honey, raisins, nuts or jam) £1.80
add a sliced banana or an extra topping for 30p  


until 11am